Napa & Sonoma Hire professional designated drivers and private drivers in Napa Valley.
Fully insured and licensed drivers for hire in Napa. Available on Hourly Rates.
Hire Napa Private Drivers Professional Designated Drivers
Fully insured & Licensed Our professional designated drivers will drive your car - so you can enjoy your trip in Napa.
Available on Hourly Rates.
We Drive in Napa Valley Your Car. Our Driver

Hire Private Drivers

Private Drivers Available Hourly

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Hire Napa Private Drivers Hourly

Thinking of wine tasting tours in Napa and Sonoma? Hire local Napa private driver to drive your car in Napa and Sonoma. Designated wine tour drivers are available on hourly rates – just to drive you in wine country. You can book a private driver for 6hr and 8hr trips depending on your Napa trip plan. For more details on booking and pricing, please call and discuss with our Napa Tour Experts.

How we can help you?

  • If you want to hire a private driver only to drive your own car – Yes! Our designated drivers will drive your car in Napa.
  • You can hire our private driver at hourly rates ($45/hr.)
  •  Your Car – Our driver will drive your car
  • Available for both Napa and Sonoma

To book a private driver and booking, please contact us today!
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How much does a private driver cost in Napa Valley?

You can hire private drivers or personal drivers at hourly rates and it’s starts from $45 per hour. Our private drivers are licensed and fully insured to drive your car in Napa Valley.

Why you should hire private drivers in Napa wine tours?

As drinking and driving is not safety and illegal, you should book designated driver or private driver before you come down at Napa Valley to drive your car. At professional private drivers and designated drivers to drive your car during your wine tasting trip in Napa. You can hire “Driver only” or “Car + Driver” for a safe and beautiful wine tour in Napa Sonoma. Both car rental services and designated driver services are available at hourly rates. Check our pricing, 6 hr and 8 hr car rental pricing below. For more details and to book your tour call us today.

  • Hire Napa Private Driver / Personal Driver-  We have professional designated drivers and driving services for Napa Sonoma.
  • Fully insured and licensed private drivers.
  • We Drive – We have driving services to drive your car. Your car and our driver.
  • Car rental services – We have wide range of sedan and SUVs for transportation in Napa Sonoma. In our fleet, we have Sedan, SUV and Van to meet your requirement.
  • Hire only private driver without car rental – if you have your own car, you can just book a private driver to drive your car.
  • Luxury Sedans and SUVs available especially for Couples.
  • Vans – Available for groups (11-14 passengers)
  • Get all facilities and wine tour packages for Napa and Sonoma.
  • One-stop solution for ONE DAY/Weekend Napa Trip.
  • Both 6hr and 8hr trips are available.

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Private Drivers

Hourly at $45/hr.

Wine Tour Drivers

Hourly at $45/hr.

Car Rental + Driver

Starts at $65/hr.

Wine Tour Package

Starts at $398/6hrs.

Hire Private Drivers for Napa and Sonoma. Call 707-730-8259

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Easy Booking

You are just a call away to book a private driver. Talk to us and discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to inform you the best options available.

Professional and Designated Drivers

Hire licensed professional and designated wine tour drivers for a safety wine tasting tour in Napa Valley and Sonoma County, California.

Big Fleet Of Vehicles

We have wide range of vehicles to meet your requirements. Luxury sedans for couples, SUVs and transit vans for large groups etc. Just call us and we'd love to assist you.

Online Payment

Booking wine tour trip to Napa and Sonoma online is the best option. Just fill the form or talk to us to book your trip today.

About Us

We, specialized in driving services and have professionally trained “private drivers for hire” especially for Napa Sonoma wine tasting tours. You can hire your personal driver to – Drive Your Car in Napa Sonoma. Yes, we have licensed and fully insured designated drivers to make your trip safe and stress-free. You can hire our trusted private drivers at hourly rates from $45 per hour. You can hire them for 6hrs and 8hrs trip etc. It’s always recommended to book a private driver before your scheduled arrival at Napa Valley. To book a private driver/ designated driver, call us today and we would live to help you in Napa Sonoma wine tours.

Car Rental Pricing

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Why You Need to Hire Private Drivers?

You can call it private drivers, chauffeurs or personal driver service, we offer a range of benefits and services that make sure your comfort while you visit Napa Valley. Here we have some reasons why people trusted to hire our private drivers for a memorable wine tasting tours in Napa and Sonoma.

  • Convenience: Having a local private driver in Napa eliminates the need to navigate traffic, find parking, or deal with the stresses of driving in busy or unfamiliar areas. This is particularly beneficial for those who find driving to be tiring, time-consuming, or anxiety-inducing.
  • Productivity: Our private drivers will make better use of your travel time. You can take photos, enjoy the beautiful views, make phone calls, respond to emails, or drink wine while being driven to your destination.
  • Safety: This is the most important reason why you need to hire private drivers, which is safety of your family and friends. This is highly recommended as drinking and driving can be dangerous who are uncomfortable driving at night or in certain areas, or those who want to reduce the risks associated with distracted or impaired driving.
  • Special Occasions: Having a dedicated private driver adds a touch of luxury and ensures a seamless wine tour experience in Napa and your soul should enjoy the memories without driving on the road.
  • Elderly or Disabled Individuals: Older adults or individuals with mobility issues should hire private driver to get assistance with transportation. Our private drivers can provide a comfortable and supportive mode of transport tailored to your needs.
  • Napa Tour Expert: If you are visiting Napa Valley and Sonoma country, by hiring our Napa private drivers , you will get around and receive personalized recommendations and insights about local attractions.
  • Privacy: Our Private drivers offer a level of privacy that isn’t possible when using public transportation or ride-sharing services. This is very important for couples, families, or anyone who values their privacy. For some, hiring a private driver is a lifestyle choice.
  • Complex Itineraries: In cases if you have planned for multiple stops, tight schedules, or complex routes are involved, our private drivers can ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Our professional wine tour private drivers will provide a designated driver service, ensuring that your companions can enjoy a day trip or night out without worrying about driving under the influence in Napa and Sonoma.

To Book Private Driver Call: (707) 730-8259

Call and Book Your Private Driver to Drive Your car in Napa Valley.

Online Booking

Napa Driver Packages

Choose a wide selection of Cars, luxury sedans, SUVs and Transit Vans for large groups. We have designated drivers to drive your vehicle too. Select the right vehicles with a reasonable priced packages for Napa Valley and Sonoma winery visit. For more details please talk to us before your wine trip.

From $85/hr.

Luxury Sedan

  • 4 Passengers
  • $588 Mon-Sun (6 hrs.)
  • $698 Mon-Sun (8 hrs.)
  • AC & Bluetooth - Yes
From $95/hr.

Luxury SUVs

  • 7 Passengers
  • $698 Sat-Sun (6 hrs.)
  • $788 Sat-Sun (8 hrs.)
  • AC & Bluetooth - Yes
From $105/hr.

Ford Transit Van (11)

  • 11 Passengers
  • $858 Sat-Sun (Min. 8 hrs.)
  • AC & Bluetooth - Yes
  • Min. 8 hrs. Trip
From $115/hr.

Ford Transit Van (14)

  • 14 Passengers
  • $920 Sat-Sun (Min. 8 hrs.)
  • AC & Bluetooth - Yes
  • Min. 8 hrs. Trip

Hire Private Drivers

Wine Tours Drivers at $45/hr.

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